Year: 2021

What to do in San Pedro de Atacama at night?

It is commonly known that the San Pedro de Atacama sky is one of the purest of the planet. Various international astronomy projects have set their study base in the area, for it is well known that the low degree of humidity surrounding the salars of Atacama limit the formation of clouds and therefore permit a great observation of the sky by night, making it a very attractive activity for tourists during the whole year.

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San Pedro de Atacama Thermal Springs & Rivers

Close to the village center lies the Vilama Rio, a valley that, although rarely visited by tourists and guides, is very worth discovering for the nature lovers who seek a bit of of green in the landscape. Further up along the river lies the Valley of Guatin, more known as the Cactus Valley due to the abundancy of Coirones, an endemic specie of gigantic cactus which makes this landscape very unique. The Coiron cactus grows about 1cm each year and in Guatin it is possible to observe some of them exceeding 4 meters of height.

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Lagoons of San Pedro de Atacama

The Lagoons of Baltinache, also known as Hidden Lagoons (Lagunas Escondidas) are one of the main bodies of water visited by tourists. It is possible to bath in only two of the 7 lagoons composing the whole complex. The most striking about these lagoons is that their high level of salinity makes the bodies float more than usual, making this place very popular for those in search of unique experiences. The tourist agencies also offer departures to this destination including sightseeing and refreshments.

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What to do in San Pedro in the morning?

San Pedro de Atacama is a small town near the Andean mountain range in the north of Chile and its geographical location is precisely what makes it so special: being the driest desert in the world and located in the middle of multiple natural landscapes that give it a unique stamp. The different walks you will be able to do vary from rivers and lagoons to volcanoes and giant dunes, here are some of our suggestions.

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