Hostel Backpackers San Pedro de Atacama Chile Booking Habitaciones Compartidas

COVID-19 Protocol

COVID-19 Protocol

Hostel Backpackers San Pedro de Atacama Chile Booking Habitaciones Compartidas

This protocol aims at preventing the infection of the travelers and hostel staff and fulfilling with the global fight against the propagation of Covid-19.

A – Protocole for the passengers:

1- Attached to the booking confirmation the passenger will receive a form to fill in by email (a certified health declaration) that he will need to resend to validate the first step of the online checking. In the case of chileans, it is required to send a copy of the ID card of each passenger. In the case of foreigners, they will need to provide a copy of the passport and migration certificate provided by the PDI at the arrival in the country.

2- As a condition to enter the village of San Pedro, the Seremi health cordon together with the chilean police will require the travel authorization that certifies your provenance from a Stage 3-zone (or more) as well as an updated medical passport.

3- At the arrival at Casa Voyage the reception team will reserve the right to measure the passengers’ temperature and to request that hands and shoes be both disinfected (this protocol will be reiterated each time the host re-enter the hostel area). In addition to this, a form resuming the personal information and health backgrounds of the passenger (tracking register) will have to be filled in.

4- The check-in time is stipulated at 3:00pm and the check-out time at noon so there is enough time to clean, sanitize and ventilate the dormitories. During the cleaning, the mattresses will be sanitized thanks to vapor compressors for their respective sterilization.

5- Paper towels will be available in the bathrooms and will have to be thrown away right after using them in the indicated containers. In the same way, every bathroom will be equipped with a soap dispenser to guarantee hygiene as the best preventing method.

6- You will find information in every common area of the hostel concerning the maximum capacity of persons in the respective area and the necessary practices to adopt to help maintaining an adequate hygiene in the whole space. Complying with the instructions especially arranged for the house would be very appreciated.

7- The cleaning and disinfection will be done twice a day: at 12:00pm and at 8:00pm in the dormitories and at 8:00am and 6:00pm in the common areas. The wole desincfection and cleaning process will be done using the adequate products, all certified by the Health authority (Seremi de salud).

8- The kitchen implements will have to be washed, dried and kept right after their use. In case it becomes necessary, the use of the kitchen will be organized through defined shifts to avoid a conglomeration of people within the same area. The social distance will be suggested through demarcations on the kitchen floor, as well as on the floors of the other common areas.

9- In the case of a passenger is being detected or suspected positive to the Covid-19 during his stay at the hostel will be in charge of contacting the appropriate health authorities.

You are strongly invited to respect each of the instructions presented in this protocol as well as the informative signs you will find in the corresponding areas of the house. Please remind that these protocols aim at guaranting the tranquility and health of the passengers during their stay.

B – Protocol for the staff

1- At the beginning of every day as well as at the end, the hostel staff will have to measure its temperature and fill a form that guarantees the absence of any symptoms associated to Covid-19.

2- The staff will have his own kitchen that is separated from the the passengers’ kitchen.

3- The staff will be using his own bathroom separated from the ones for the passengers.

4- The use of facial masks for the staff is obligatory whenever being in common areas or during any interaction with the passengers.

5- The staff will only be attending at the reception behind a protection mica glass to avoid any transmission within a confined space and will take care that passengers do respect the demarcations for social distances inside the reception office.

6- In the case of a passenger is being detected or suspected positive to the Covid-19 during his stay at the hostel, the staff is compromised to communicate all the appropriate information about the sanitary procedures to follow. Furthermore, the use of set of protection such as stipulated in the sanitary protocols of the Seremi (overalls, disposable gloves, facial masks, glasses and facial mica protections) is obligatory during the cleaning and sanitization process in the house.

We have the certificate of commitment SERNATUR, which is delivered to accommodations that are registered and adhere to implementation and compliance with health measures. We will continue to create areas of well-being and security so that your visit to San Pedro de Atacama continues to be unforgettable and safe.


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Protocol for management and prevention of Covid-19 for tourim and lodging, plan “Step by step” 2020.

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